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How we engage the dance between structure and flow becomes our unique creative signature“, ~ Michelle James, VA, USA, 2010.

[…] Abstract.: The problem of sending the maximum amount of flow q between two arbitrary nodes s and t of complex networks along links with unit capacity is studied, which is equivalent to determining the number of link-disjoint paths between s and t. The average of q over all node pairs with smaller degree kmin is <q>=kmin ~= c.kmin for large kmin with c a constant implying that the statistics of q is related to the degree distribution of the network. The disjoint paths between hub nodes are found to be distributed among the links belonging to the same edge-biconnected component, and q can be estimated by the number of pairs of edge-biconnected links incident to the start and terminal node. The relative size of the giant edge-biconnected component of a network approximates to the coefficient c. The applicability of our results to real world networks is tested for the Internet at the autonomous system level. […], in D.-S. Lee and H. Rieger, “Maximum flow and topological structure of complex networks“, EPL Journal, Europhysics Letters, Vol. 73, Number 3, p.471, 2006. [link] …

“Artificial Life 101” lesson nº1: emerge yourself a experimental “fire” and observe it carefully till the end.

… The other day I decided to work for almost 48 hours in a row and at the end… to sleep a few hours. When I woke up… – the day (e.g. “flow“) was almost gone, and night (e.g. “structure“) approaching fast -. So I decided, to grab the last sun rays… ; growing up, I guess…

[...] People should learn how to play Lego with their minds. Concepts are building bricks [...] V. Ramos, 2002.

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