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Video – “Be the one” track on Moby‘s Destroyed album. Destroyed is the tenth studio album by the American electronic artist Moby. It was released on 2011 by Mute Records. Network video animation by Taras Gesh.

From time to time some colleagues, students and friends do ask me what is a good introductory paper into Complex Networks. Indeed there are several, including some general books, but over the years I tend to point into “The Shortest Path to Complex Networks” by J.F.F. Mendes (thorough my life I met him several times now) and S.N. Dorogovtsev, released in 2004. For those who are beginners on the field, and do want to play or indeed program several concepts in the area, like clustering, small-worlds, edge condensation, cliques and communities as well as the preferential attachment (point 20.) among others, this is a rather simple and quick (besides is 25 pages) straightforward paper, well organized around 51 different entries, topics and concepts. Not all of them are here of course, like, among others, the age node issue which for several reasons tends to interest me. Point 1 starts with the birth of network science and it’s simple as : […] In 1735, in St Petersburg, Leonhard Euler solved the so-called Konigsberg bridge problem – walks on a simple small graph. This solution (actually, a proof) is usually considered as a starting point of the science of networks […]. The full paper is available through Here is the link. Do enjoy. Like Moby says… be the one. The full reference list is also a must.

[...] People should learn how to play Lego with their minds. Concepts are building bricks [...] V. Ramos, 2002.

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