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No, not the Grand Caynon neither the Epstein & Axtell Sugarscape (link) this time, instead a soundscape. A landscape made of sounds or grooves. Look at this as an ancient form of encapsulating data. Taken by Chris Supranowitz, a researcher at The Insitute of Optics at the University of Rochester (US), the image depicts a single groove on a vinyl record magnified 1000 times, using electron microscopy. Dark bits are the top of the grooves, i.e. the uncut vinyl, while even darker little bumps are dust on the record (e.g. centre right). For more images check SynthGear, and found out (image link) what have they discovered if we keep magnifying that image further still!

Video [NASA] – Shuttle Endeavour’s final launch at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center on May 16, 2011. Junk parts, like the first and second rocket boosters (left and right intertanks) burning 11,000 pounds of fuel per second, falling back into Earth are visible on a rare and raw NASA footage. Image and audio passages from minute 15 to 20 are truly amazing. I also love the burning sound of those airborne rocket boosters in full throttle on the first footage seconds. Listen carefully. Did you noticed the Florida Cape Canaveral birds too on the back of the audio stream?! And by the way, … what sound is that at 15:27 and then again at 17:17?!

Photo – On May 16, Stefanie Gordon ( happened to be in an airplane flying from New York to Palm Beach, Florida. She was on his way to visit his mother, for her birthday. From the cabin, aboard a Delta jet, she took this awesome photo of Endeavour‘s shutle STS-134 first seconds over his final space tour, with a cell-phone. “It was amazing. Can’t believe we got to witness history!” she wrote on Twitter that day.

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