Photo – The devastating Gulf of Mexico oil spill – With criticism of the fuel giant at its peak after 36 days and up to 39 million gallons of crude lost into the sea, engineers attempted a last-ditch clogging method known as a “top kill” (source: Mike Swain, Mirror Journal, UK).

Aside from biblic messianic like “top kill” terms, let us all stop for a moment and think about all this mess. On one hand we have powerful resources directed to just one greedy goal, independently from the rest, on the other, a immense huge fail. Let us recapitulate the whole forest, not the tree: […] So they have the most absolute, extraordinary high-tech science and financial resources to pump oil, but not even a single clue on how to cork it […] @ViRAms , May 30, 2010.

Let me just add this: BP’s logo (here) is rapidly turning onto one of the most ironic logos ever made…