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fig. – Photo taken near my house, today in down-town Lisbon (Portugal). “Fim de Desvio“, which can be translated more or less as: your “detour ends here“. [April 2010]

A good smart traffic sign for scientists working on full paper works encompassing a broad range of phenomena and consequences, while having their full set of experiments results complete. Do note, however, that all scientists should have detours. They are part of the job while arriving at something new. Without it, they can simple turn themselves into mechanical parrots – most of them are. Being always at “home”, it’s easy. Science do needs courage, being a successive detouring voyage, while getting at home in time, quickly reinforcing energies for the next one. And while doing it, back and forth… and back and forth again, do mind yourself that, your next voyage will always pass some parts of your previous detour. So, get the courage of having yourself lost, but do arrive on time for supper…

[...] People should learn how to play Lego with their minds. Concepts are building bricks [...] V. Ramos, 2002.


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