A couple of years ago, while G.W. Bush was comfortably seated at the White House, Gore Vidal, the American novelist, was invited by the Canadian TV show THE HOUR (June 6, 2007). What follows is an amazing first response by Gore Vidal to a trivial question. I suspect that Gore Vidal on his spare time, do thinks a lot on the nature of what complex systems really are. Here is an extract from the introductory part of that interview:

THE HOUR – Here’s Mr. Gore Vidal
Gore Vidal (GV) – Nice too see you. See you good.
THE HOUR – How are things?
GV – … Things, … aaahhhh, … fall apart. That’s what things do. And we are things… so I promise not to crumble on the program.

(…) later on;

GV – … they have demonized the word “liberal”. We were a liberal republic, to start with. What does the liberal word mean? It comes from those who favour legislation tending towards greater democracy.